Bring Back The Drive-In

For anyone that’s ever been to a drive-in movie theater, this is definitely one of those things that are a blast from the past .

Sure these days there are new state of the art movie theaters that have surround sound and seats with cup holders, but the drive-in was also about spending time with your family, playing football with your cousins or friends, and getting eaten by mosquitoes. Plus, at the drive-in you always got to see two movies and honk the horn to tell the movie guy he’s taking to long loading the second one!

Yes these are the things that made the drive-in an exciting place to visit other than sneaking in a few extra friends in the trunk of your car. At one point in time there were drive-in movie theaters all over the place, you couldn’t travel very far without passing one. Now they have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur.

I’m actually pretty fortunate because we have one that’s still in operation only 45 minutes from the house. What’s the last movie that you were able to see at a drive-in? More importantly – what were you driving?

While you are thinking about that I’ve found this pretty cool website that let’s you plug in your zip code and it will show you where the nearest drive-in is in your area.

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7 thoughts to “Bring Back The Drive-In”

  1. I’m not 100% sure CJaguar265. I used to go the the one out in Milford NH quite a bit. That one is still in operation too.

  2. Used to take a pickup truck with an old bench seat in the back. A friend of mine had the coolest drive in ride, a Subaru ‘Brat’,it had molded plastic bucket recliners in the ‘bed’ from the factory! But alas, the lil brat met its’ fate when a jacked up 4×4 turning left ran over the hood, front end splayed out never to start again!
    Entertainment in a small Texas town.

  3. LOL, I remember those Brats John. Heck I remember being able to go all the way to the beach with my friends in the back of a pickup truck.

    Makes you think back to some of the fun you had growing up.

    1. Luckily he was sitting in town at a red light, not going down the road! If I remember right, there were seat belts on those bed seats.

  4. A friend of mine had a Brat, back in the day. Strapping into the rear seats, facing backwards and then him doing donuts was a hoot. Heck, in North Carolina you can’t even ride kids in the back of your pick up any more, unless it is a “farm” vehicle. Dang legislature, they’ve taken all the fun out of life…

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