Giving You Chills: Want To Peek Inside A Garage Full Of Corvettes?

I realize it is still early in the day, but this is most likely going to be the coolest thing that you see today, it certainly was for me.  I was browsing the latest blogging goodness over on and came across a super awesome website. It is a garage / museum / collection owned by Michael Brown that is almost entirely Corvettes. The really amazing thing though, is that Michael is a video producer, and his collection has multiple cameras that you can control from the comforts of your own computer chair.  I can’t imagine how it works, but it sure is cool to play with.  Be sure to cover your keyboard, because you may drool a bit.

Here is the link to 360 degrees of Corvette happiness:

It doesn’t end there though.  Michael also produced a film that premiers tomorrow! It is called “The Quest” and it is about the history of the Corvettes at Le Mans and Chip Miller’s quest to find the #3 car decades later.  The trailer for the movie can be watched on the website posted below.

It will give you chills, watch it:

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