Did You Know That These Cord’s Were Front Wheel Drive?

This stunningly beautiful Cord was spotted in the Larz Anderson Museum last weekend. It’s an early 1930’s model, and it was front wheel drive.  Surprising right?  According to the write-up at the museum, this car’s hood line was about 1 foot lower than the comparable cars at the time.  That gave it a super sleek & low look that other companies were incapable of doing.  The most interesting thing that I noticed though, was that the front bumpers were attached to the suspension. That meant that when the wheels bounced up or down, the bumper went with them which kept the bumper at a constant height.  Quite clever I’d say…  I wonder what the torque steer was like?

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One thought to “Did You Know That These Cord’s Were Front Wheel Drive?”

  1. its a front transaxle and equal length halfshafts so I would assume it wouldn’t be that bad. Plus engines of that era didn’t make much power.

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