It’s GTO Truck Tuesday! Come On In!

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Pontiac made a GTO truck in the 1960’s like Chevy did with their El Caminos ? Slide a 421 in it with tri-power, a Muncie, a posi, and you’ve got a winning combo. You could stick with your Pontiac roots, be competitive at the drag strip, and then fill it with mulch on the weekends! It might be the perfect match …..or not?

Great News! ClassicStreet down in Texas has an example of such a vehicle, and it’s for sale. It doesn’t have a super amazing drivetrain combination, but it does have a 389 with an automatic.  It also has that absolutely sweet GTO nose, and the back end of an El Camino for all of those trips to the lumber yard.  Does it get any better?  Doubtful. For just $2400, you can own this car, and be the only one on your street with the elegant El Goat-o-mino.  Your neighbors (and I) will be so jealous.

Images borrowed from ClassicStreet. They have this and a bunch of other great automotive deals on their site – Definitely check them out!

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7 thoughts to “It’s GTO Truck Tuesday! Come On In!”

  1. That’s not even a GTO nose, it’s a standard 1966 Pontiac LeMans nose. And where’s this alleged 389? There’s not even an engine in that wreck. $2400 is a joke, there are way too many digits in that price for this rust bucket.

  2. i think its worth the money, but i dont like it can tell its half pontiac half chevy. i think it would be cool to make a pontiac car/truck using pontiacs quarters or cut up an old lemans. shorten the cab area like an elcamino and turn the rest of the pontiac back into tthe truck bed..pontiacs lines have more styling.

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