Somewhere In Oregon There Is A Man….

….and that man found the remains of an old truck in the beautiful countryside.  Naturally he grabbed the helm of the prehistoric ship and took it for an imaginary sail around the luscious green field.

Don’t even think about saying that you have never done this before, because you know you have.  Just think about how many times you have been in the drivers seat of a car making high revving engine sounds while rowing the gears of the missing transmission. It’s what we do, no reason to deny it. The only question about this image that I have is: “Is that really a hand crank for the engine on the front?!!!” You’d have to be completely nuts the to spin that engine over by hand with intentions of keeping all your limbs. Yikes!

The early 1900’s – When men were men.

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

One thought to “Somewhere In Oregon There Is A Man….”

  1. I used to start the family tractor with a hand crank and it was no fun at all . only if it started the first time was it fun. I never played rev the engine after I was ten , but managed to drive am 47 Lincoln over two cement stops in Frigidaire parking lot while learning to drive a stick shift , I was 12. I am now 68. Life is fun .

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