Hey Look At The VW Bus I Spotted!

We all know that VW’s are a cult, but when it comes to air cooled Volkswagens, things just get weird.  Yesterday I spotted this very strange scene, and I knew that it needed to be captured on film.  Now, I am a fairweather VW enthusiast, you may even call me a VW enthusiast of convenience.  However, I have some friends that are hard core, notch your subframe, stretch your 205’s over a 9 inch rim,  plaid 4LFE, I brake for ants – sort of people.  

Once the shock wore off from the bizarre world that I had just witnessed, I quickly sent this picture to a friend. We’ll give this friend the top secret code name of “Dr. Lovolks Esq.” for the sake of secrecy.  So Ryan… err, I mean….. Dr. Lovolks Esq. receives said picture and immediately responds with “Tell me more!”  Ok? At this point in the conversation, I assumed that he just flat out missed the GIGANTIC elephant in the background. Nope, I was wrong.  He didn’t miss it.  He was actually more in shock that there was a 2nd vehicle in the yard that was NOT an air-cooled VW, than the HUGEMUNGUS land mammal in the background.  I rest my case.

Jeremy Nutt

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