Cha Ching!

That’s the noise that team owner Tony Stewart heard as Ryan Newman crossed the finish line ahead of him during Sunday’s Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Both Newman and Stewart ran an excellent race yesterday. Tony Stewart has had one heck of a bad year at the beginning of the season. This was a great shot in the arm for Stewart- Haas racing. Ryan Newman is now 8th in the Nascar Sprint Cup points chase and team owner Tony Stewart is pretty close behind in 11th.

Sitting in row 22 on the start/finish line, it was a little toasty on the metal bleachers up in the grandstand. Temperatures were into the 90’s on race day. I was listening in on Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he said it was so hot inside the car he could feel his face blister.

I was hoping that the 88 would be a dark horse this weekend, he was running in 23rd much of the day. Listening in on Dale throughout the race he was having a really strange issue with his tires. He reported that in the turns the right rear would rollover and chatter. On probably the 3 pit stop he took on more tires, exited the pits and radioed into Steve and said “He Steve what ya’ll do the the setup?” Steve said “nothing Dale just gave you tires”. Dale said “That’s weird the car feels great”.

Once he got rid of those tires, the next set chattered like the ones he had earlier in the race. Earnhardt ended up with a 15th place finish which was pretty decent considering how bad his car drove.

Tony’s view from the grandstand.

2 thoughts to “Cha Ching!”

  1. It was a toasty one up here Mike. My AC on the front stretch was a towel in my cooler to keep cool. I drank more water and ice tea than ever. I’ll take that over rain any day though.

    They moved this race to July this year, had it still been in June it would have been raw and rainy.

    There’s nothing like the roar of 43 750 HP cars rumbling down the track.

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