Woodgrain Roadmaster Wagons: Discuss.

Call me old school if you must, but I looove me some Buick woody wagon.  Wagons are not for everybody though, and I’ve come to terms with that over the years.  I’ve also learned that a wagon covered in woodgrain will never be able to pass a Hennessey Venom GT, nor will they float as well as an Amphicar.  That’s not what they are about.  They are cruisers, plain and simple.

The 91-96 Wagons are the generation of choice in my mind,  not only for their great looks though, it goes much deeper than that.  These voluptuous wagons, much like the Caprices of the same era, are the standard “Huge American Car” package.  They have a solid rear axle, a full steel frame, seating for 34 adults, the injected V8, and absolutely beautiful wood grain paneling.  You think I’m messing with you, but it’s no joke.  The passion is real.

This beautiful wagon pictured is currently on eBay with a buy it now price of $15,000.  It seems a bit steep to me, but it is very clean and well kept.  It’s also got air ride suspension, billet wheels, and custom wood grain. WHAT!??  Yes, custom hand painted wood grain.  Do it. You’ll be happy you did.


eBay Item # 220815187301

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15 thoughts to “Woodgrain Roadmaster Wagons: Discuss.”

  1. As a B-body wagon aficionado and enthusiast, I can say 15k isn’t out of line if it’s LOW mileage and really nice. Woodgrain delete Roadmaster Wagons fetch crazy prices as well.

    As you may or may not recall, I’m the facebook guy who is always tinkering with his wagon on the weekends. 🙂

  2. Very nice.. Not my style but nice. I would have bolted some chrome wheels on that badboy though.. It’s got a little chrome on it.. a shame to distract from that with billet.. $.02

  3. My Trophy Wife has a 1996 Buick Park Avenue with the fuel injected 3.8LTR V-8. What a blast to drive! Smooth as silk, she is, just glides over bumps. She has only 71,000 miles on her and is in MINT shape. What a jewel of a car!


  4. As a long time lover of these wagons and presently owning 2,I can vouch for
    their durability and remarkable gas mileage.If you run the speed limit and are
    easy on the gas pedal these wagons will return 26 to 28mpg on a trip.There is
    no better vehicle to take on a trip with lots of room and power.

  5. LOL I’ve been following these guys on their blog for like a year or so. Ever since 1A-Auto hooked me up with a window regulator for my dad’s Mazda 929. 🙂

  6. Ruhdicuhlous…pronounced as that, the car is hella phat bruh! I’m on the search for me a woody wagon now to modify accordingly w/my sense of style; simple, clean, shoes off before yuh get in, and a system to throw the windows, lolz! Thaz if I get muh money right…nicely done though, yo!

  7. Paul driving barefoot is dangerous.Hard to hit the brakes hard enough to
    activate your ABS when barefooted.Trust me I tried it in a parking lot.
    Plus shoes can save your precious feet in a accident.Thats what a set of
    beautiful carpeted fllormats come handy.These wagons are highly addictive,so be careful.I drive maybe 2000 miles a year,own 2 wagons
    and am always looking for another one.

  8. I have a 96 wagon that I pruchased 2 yrs ago with 37k , it has never seen snow, it winters in fla and is stored most of the time in Mich during the summer. I received a slight bump in the rear that distorted the rear lower trim piece that spans tailgate.any suggestions as to where I might locate this item.

  9. Honestly the Venom GT is just BAD ASS. So what if it’s a lotus body bolted to a twin turbo LSX. I just watched the drive video on youtube with the guy test driving this badass car and boy did he wet his pants. Still a million dollars put this thing just outta reach.

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