When The Noise Gets Worse, Your Bearings Are Gone.

Sometimes your engine starts making a noise, and the only way to make it go away is by turning the stereo up louder.  Time passes and the noise under the hood has progressed into a dull roar.  With a simple clockwise spin of the knob, the stereo volume increases by an equal amount.  This seesaw of events continues until your tweeters are nothing but static and you feel like you are trapped inside the woofer.  The racket from your engine bay is completely unbearable, and jerking the wheel seems like the best option.  Knowing that bad news awaits under your hood, you reluctantly pull over and take a peek.  In the spot where your tensioner bearings once lived is an empty pit of nothingness.  Sadly, the bearings are long since scattered along the roadside, never to be seen again. Your miles are officially numbered.  I’m not a gypsy, but I’d say a Belt Tensioner is in your future.

Real life? You bet it is.

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

4 thoughts to “When The Noise Gets Worse, Your Bearings Are Gone.”

  1. Had the same thing happen to me on a 1990 Ford 6 banger, but the pulley was plastic…it melted. A lot less noise when she let go!

  2. Its amazing the people driving cars around making death noises without a care in the world…I recently worked on a 97′ Jeep Wrangler that had more wrong with it than right! He kept driving without a care in the world! I looked at it for 5 minutes and showed him better than a dozen issues that needed fixed and made him take it straight over to my garage. It had major engine issues, brakes, steering, suspension problems, and some electrical…I fixed 4 problems in one evening for free just to keep his kid and wife safe riding in it! Then 2 weeks later I replaced his engine with a clean used one that didn’t knock and a month later I have yet to be paid.

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