For $8950, Would You Like Your DeLorean Extra Crispy?

Someday I will own a DeLorean. It won’t initially be a nice one though, because I am way to cheap to buy anything decent. It will probably be a total mess of a car that nobody else will touch. It will look like a pile of charred stainless steel that was hit by a train, and then dumped into a muddy river for a few years. Yeap, that is the one that I would buy.  Haters gonna hate, but I love seeing a car brought back from the worst of the worst. The only thing better than that is being part of the restoration process. That said, assuming that you are not quite as cheap as me, but pretty darn close, I have a treat for you today.  It comes in the form of good news in bad news though.

Good News: This DeLorean was not hit by a train! Fantastic right?

Bad News: It was on fire, but the current owners says that it merely “had minor fire in cabin“.  Understatement of the year? Absolutely. We all know that fires are put out with water, so I think we can also assume that this car was filled with thousands of gallons of H2O as well. That doesn’t scare you right? Good!


Just less than 9 grand is all it will take to bring this beauty to your driveway.  It’s just too bad it wasn’t hit by a train, or I may be a buyer.  Ah well, better luck next time I guess…

Be sure to check it out on Hemmings for more pictures and info:

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7 thoughts on “For $8950, Would You Like Your DeLorean Extra Crispy?

  1. I fail to see how this is worth $8,950.

    This particular car will probably need the entire interior replaced, will likely still smell like smoke afterwards, needs paint and exterior parts still, and the integrity of the body is now in question. And the title would still be soiled. Definitely a parts car.

    A little searching will find a running, driving, un-crispy example for that price. You can get a dealer-refurb’d one for around $30K. Tried hard to talk the wife into one but we ended up with a Mustang…

  2. HA! The History channel did a special on 80s tech, there’s a Houston co. that bought out the factory warehouse and will rebuild the car or supply parts. wudda ya know!

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