The “Wild Thing” Kyle Busch Wins The Budweiser Shootout!

If you watched the Budweiser Shootout on Saturday night like I did, more than likely you were at the edge of your seat for the entire race. NASCAR has done a great job with all of the changes that they made in the off-season to their super speedway package.

They worked hard to get the cars back to pack racing that the fans have longed for over the past couple of seasons, and by golly it’s BACK! The two car tandem seems to be gone and we’re back to pack racing!

The Budweiser Shootout Saturday night was one of the best that I’ve seen in years. A guy could push the guy in front of him, make a charge for the lead and then pull out of line with enough horsepower to control his own destiny. That was what we were missing and what seemed to be back during the Budweiser Shootout. That race was so good I’d watch it again.

How about that Kyle Busch save. Halfway through the race he all but lost the car in the middle of the pack. He turned to the left and then to the right, sparkes were flying everywhere off the front air dam and somehow he gathered her up and kept on cruising along at 200 mph.

If that wasn’t enough for you, on the green-white-checkered restart Kyle Busch pushed Tony Stewart towards the front as they created a 200 MPH freight train that took off from the pack; coming out of turn 4 Busch broke formation, made the slingshot move around the right of Stewart and took Stewart right at the finish line winning the Bud Shootout by half a fender!

If this is a preview as to what’s going to take place during the Daytona 500 next Sunday, I think the race fans are in for a treat. This should be one of the best Daytona 500’s in years.

Video Borrowed from YouTube:


Kyle Busch Save During The Race…THIS IS CRAZY!

4 thoughts to “The “Wild Thing” Kyle Busch Wins The Budweiser Shootout!”

  1. NASCAR is all about two things – turning left and going straight. Most boring, sorry excuse for auto racing ever. I guess they’ve got to keep things as simple as possible for NASCAR fans. You don’t want to start confusing anyone with a right turn or anything drastic like that.

    1. NASCAR is certainly not for everybody, but it does have a pretty huge fan base (The biggest of any sport I believe?) . Sadly, I have never been to a NASCAR race, but I’m told that it is an amazing thrill to see in person. As a drag racing fan, I personally think watching a top fuel car go from zero to three hundred in 4 seconds is the most exciting thing that I have ever seen. however, I could definitely see how others find it boring to watch. To each their own, I suppose!

      Fairlane500 – What’s your motorsport of choice?

  2. Rally racing is one of the few motorsports worthy of being called a motorsport. Rally is what NASCAR, F1 and many other types of race car drivers eventually graduate to, that is, if they can handle the challenge of incorporating a couple right turns into a race. Introduce some braking and actual cornering and see how many NASCAR driver can keep up with a rally driver. It sure beats going around in circles hundreds of times for several hours on a banked oval track. *yawn*

    NASCAR has a huge fan base because there are a lot of redneck idiots in our country. A lot. Just looking at a majority of the people living in the bible belt, where NASCAR is most popular, makes me weep for this country. By your rationale, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have huge fan bases so they must be great musicians, right?

  3. Tony Stewart, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Danica Patrick all have transitioned from open wheel to NASCAR’s elite series.

    Danica will be running a full Nationwide schedule this season, and will more than likely make a run in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2013.

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