1994 Acura Integra Supercharged Big Block Swap

You saw the video of this big block swapped Acura Integra┬áright here on the 1A Auto Blog way back in May, and now we spotted it for sale on eBay. The listing has just ended, but it didn’t seem to have much action while it was still alive. This heavily modified Integra had a Buy It Now price of $22,500, and a starting bid of $19,000. Sadly, the starting bid never even happened. Now normally I would say that $19K it is a lot for a 1994 Acura Integra. However, this one does have a big block 396 squished inside it, and a menacing looking blower strapped on the top. It has obviously also been converted to rear wheel drive, and also has a “few” other mods major that you may notice. Maybe it isn’t the most sensible car out there for in that price range, but sensible cars aren’t nearly as fun to drive either. What are your thoughts?

eBay Item 180854228015

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4 thoughts to “1994 Acura Integra Supercharged Big Block Swap”

  1. Love the motor, but hate the car. There’s just nothing special about a 94 Integra, even with a blown motor. If you’ve got $22500 to spend on a go-fast toy, there are literally hundreds of better options out there. That money would put you in the market for many fast classics from the 60s that would look better and probably go faster. Gotta give him points for doing something a little different I guess. He might be lucky enough to sell, but it won’t be for more than $15K.

  2. Going to be a tough sell. The type of guys that drive Acura Integras generally don’t have 22k to spend and the guys who want blown 396s don’t generally like Acura Integras.

  3. That car is dope I didn’t think anyone else would have tried putting a big motor in a little Acura but this dude did. I think a smallblock would be easier on the car, maybe through in twin turbo and AWD like a beast!

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