Doing 185 MPH ? on Public Roads

Sometimes people do stupid things. Riding this fast on a public road is most definitely one of them. The video claims 299 kmh, which converts to roughly 185 mph, but some math wizards out there on the internet are claiming more like 135 mph. Regardless of the actual number, I think we can all agree that the rider was clearly not following the rules of the road. Let’s review the facts:

1) The symbol on the upper triple tree is found on a Yamaha R1.

2) R1’s are rumored to be able to reach close to 185 miles per hour. Real life, tire size, ¬†and sprocket sizes will throw these numbers off.

3) The rider likely has some serious seat time considering he/she didn’t get swallowed by the back of a Subaru.

4) The rider is probably more young than old. Helmet cam + zero fear + motorcycle + posting on internet.

So who is this man of mystery? A professional racer? A fearless teenager? Or maybe it just a random guy on a fast bike that was extraordinarily lucky that he didn’t slide himself into a truck at 185 mph that day. Will we ever find out? So many unanswered questions within this video.

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8 thoughts to “Doing 185 MPH ? on Public Roads”

  1. This guy may be a crazy idiot, but it takes some serious skill to maneuver between cars like that at speed. The only damage he’s going to cause to anyone else would potentially be a dented rear bumper. The risk is all on his life.

    1. I’ll have to agree with you on being a crazy idiot part and the part about the guy having serious skill to ride like that. But I’ll have to disagree about the part about the damage caused. A Yamaha R1 with fuel weighs around 400lbs. So 400 lbs traveling 185 mph is likely to cause more damage than a ‘dented bumper’.

  2. I don’t care about his or her skill level he is a criminal and needs to never ride again on the public highway system . He has put every one in front of him in a danger they do not get paid to endure. A toad could jump in front of him and there would be nothing left but blood and a few pieces of flesh.And he would possible ruin someones life for ever .

  3. my buddy posted videos like this to youtube, claimed something like 178 mph. I tried to discourage him. He died a month later. 90mph lowside into a jersey barrier.

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