Tires at Texas

If you watched Saturday night’s Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, the race last week was anything but exciting.

They all can’t be exciting, but this is a track where things  tend to happen to make it exciting, kind of like Jeff Burton taking out Jeff Gordon and getting into a fist fight over the incident on the backstretch, oh and wait let’s also put them into the ambulance together too…HA!, I wish I was the medical escort for that one.

It seems as though the most exiting thing that had happened was a caution for a baseball cap that managed to find its way onto the track. I was almost hoping that it would happen again just to shorten the long monotonous green flag runs.

Let’s face it, it happens. I don’t think Texas needs to shorten the race at all, however they may want to get together with Good Year and test a softer compound tire, so that they wear out faster, causing the cars to have to make pit stops more often.

The tires that they ran on Saturday seemed to be to hard, enabling the drivers to make long green flag runs. It seemed as though that the only way to pass a guy during Saturdays race was to pass them in the pits, because once you got out on that track most of the cars seemed to be stuck in the positions that they were in.


7 thoughts to “Tires at Texas”

  1. Straight line motorsports are the only other kind that are potentially worse than NASCAR, and that’s saying something. You can floor a gas pedal, keep a car straight and finish the quarter in 9 sec? Good for you. Now it’s 1 sec later, I’m bored to tears and your car is getting towed back to your trailer because it’s useless at doing anything else.

    Oval racing used to be something when they had to race on Sunday and sell on Monday. They had to push so many units to the public or not be allowed to race that model next week. Now they’re all the same unoriginal, thoughtless, lifeless cars with the ugliest plastic liveries conceivable. A Ford looks and performs just like a Chevy that looks and performs just like a Dodge…because it just has to go straight and sometimes go left. And you can’t even buy one at the dealer. Please go away, NASCAR.

    1. No NASCAR and no drag racing? Geesh! Well then you must be a F1 or Rally guy then? What’s your motorsport of choice?

      Personally, I like watching drag racing the most, but it may just be because I have never been to a NASCAR or F1 Race. The thing that I love most about NHRA drag racing though, is feeling 8000+ horsepower x 2 leaving the starting line at the same exact moment. It is the most violent, earth shaking, ear piercing, heart stopping moment that I have ever seen. Watching the nitro cars start up in the pit area is a whole other type of sensory overload. There is just nothing like getting a little Nitro in your eyes. It’s an experience that cannot be described in human words.

      1. Four wheels: Rally
        Two wheels: Moto GP

        Just can’t wrap my head around understanding the appeal of the other stuff.

  2. I thought running over the drivers water bottle was a high point…
    or maybe Kevin Harvick’s #29 with the $100 bill found stuck on the front!

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