Watching A Lamborghini Crash Is Mostly Just Sad.

Watching a car crash is like, well, watching a car crash. You see the impending doom, time slows down and you start moaning like a zombie. Then the inevitable happens, the car collides with something and your zombie-esque moan turns into a breathy lung exhausting “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

This video is one of those moments.  You know what’s about to happen from the first rev of the engine. One minute later, the Lamborghini becomes the swirly meat in a giant car sandwich. The only word that comes to mind in this instance is a sarcastic “unprofessional“.  Sorry for your loss of nice bodywork Lambo.

Jeremy Nutt

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2 thoughts to “Watching A Lamborghini Crash Is Mostly Just Sad.”

  1. I hope for the other drivers sake that the video got sent to appropriate insurance companies. This guy is a complete goon and deserves to be taken to the bank by the people he hit!!

    1. Hey there TripleM! I had though of saying something along those lines in the post, but couldn’t come up with the “right” words. I think that you’ve nailed it!

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