Why are wagons undoubtedly the best vehicle? Watch and find out.

In this week’s 1A Auto Talk & Tune Video, Dan and I discussed the many reasons why wagons are the future, and why everyone needs one. Between the obvious good looks, terrific engine options, incredibly spacious interiors, and low insurance costs, wagons are the best kept secret in the automotive world. They hold enough people to call it a party, they can substitute for a camper, they are low enough to wash the roof of without a step ladder, and are nearly always filled with luxurious options. If you don’t already own a wagon, you are going to want to after this video.

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2 thoughts on “Why are wagons undoubtedly the best vehicle? Watch and find out.

  1. I love the wagons of today as they are more and more going to the fastback-looking rear-end, aggressive lines, powerful engine, and sporty handling to boot. You can still take care of the family and race for pinks, LOL!

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