Car Shaking After a Snowstorm? Here’s Why & How to Fix It


It’s common to feel your car shaking while driving after a snowstorm. Many people experience vibration in the steering wheel, the seat, or underneath the car. You might not even feel it until you pick up some speed. This can be alarming and sometimes a little scary, but the cause is usually benign.

Why Your Car Vibrates

The vibration comes from snow and ice stuck in the wheels. The snow acts as a weight and throws off the balance of the tires while driving, wobbling them up and down or front and back, wherever the snow is. Yes, snow is light, but it takes less than an ounce of added weight to throw off your tire’s balance.

If you feel vibration in the steering wheel, seat, or chassis, the tires likely have too much snow in them. Vibrations felt in the steering wheel usually come from snow in the front tires, and vibrations felt in the seat usually come from snow in the rear tires.

Driving on unbalanced tires can wear out the suspension and steering parts over time and make for an unpleasant drive.  It’s best to pull over in a safe spot and fix it, especially if you’re driving a long distance.

How to Fix the Vibration

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My Car Won’t Start After Getting Gas & How I Fixed It

A few months ago, my 2007 Hyundai Accent had a bizarre problem. After I filled it up at the gas station, it would not start unless I depressed the gas pedal while cranking.

Other days it started right up, but any amount of fresh gas created start-up problems. It didn’t matter how much gas was in the tank, and there was no check engine light or codes.

Turns out this also happened to others that own Accents and Sonatas, and there could be a few fixes.

Troubleshooting Different Gas Fill-Up Scenarios

I work with some knowledgeable people here at 1A Auto, so after sharing this with them, a few experts gave me a some “tests” to try first to make sure there wasn’t an outside cause.

Before spending money on parts, here are the scenarios I tested for:

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7 New Year Resolutions for Your Car

Two mechanics working on car part

The new year brings a new opportunity for some lasting changes. While it’s always a good idea to work on ourselves, working on our cars can also set you up to have a great year.

When you work on your car, you not only save money, but you also gain experience, learn more about your car, create confidence to do other repairs, and feel accomplished. You’ll also learn how easy some repairs are and wonder why you never tried them before.

Tackle basic repairs

There are plenty of easy repairs you can do that only take minutes. Changing windshield wiper blades, filters, spark plugs, and on some cars the headlights and tail lights, are so easy you’ll wonder why you ever paid to have them done for you to begin with.

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Tips You Should Know About Strapping a Christmas Tree to Your Car

Blue van with christmas tree tied to hood
Ole Betsy, the family van doin’ what she does best

Growing up, once a year we’d collectively jump in the van to go pick out the family tree. This was an important decision. You had to pick one that wasn’t too plump and wasn’t too bare, and also one that was tall enough to fit the tree-topper on without scraping our 9 foot ceiling. It couldn’t be too short either, because we had lots of garland and ornaments to put on, and if it was too small our dog would steal the softer, lower hanging fruit and bury them off somewhere.

Usually we’d just drive down to the local flower shop and peruse the trees, debating over minor issues like our perceived height of it and its plumpness. We kept doing this until we grew tired and finally agreed on one that was “good enough”.

Thankfully, we’ve never had a mishap. Our van, Betsy, is at almost 200,000 miles and she’s still going strong. She’s never left a tree stranded on the road, and honestly, that’s how it should be.

Tie It with Sturdy Material

For everyone’s safety on the road, you can face serious fines for having an unsecured tree or one that obstructs your vision.

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Winter Maintenance Checklist – Is Your Car Prepared for Snow?

Living in a cold weather state means there’s plenty of snow coming your way in the next few months. So what better time to prepare for it than now? Here’s a list of the most crucial parts to check to ensure your car is ready for the winter. Most are quick and easy and shouldn’t take much time.

Examine windshield wiper blades

Wiper blades can become worn from usage. Look at the blades for wear and tear and possible splits on the blade. They’re affordable and you can replace them in minutes, giving you better vision and a safer drive during snowfall. Changing wiper blades is so easy, you might even be able to do it blindfolded.


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1A Auto Repair Blooper Video — Even the Pros Have Bumps in the Road

When it comes to fixing your car, sometimes nothing seems to go your way.

We’ll admit it. We’re not perfect. Our mechanics drop tools, spill fluids, lose nuts and bolts, and sometimes break things they shouldn’t.

Turns out, not every repair is gold.

So without much further ado, here’s some of our outtakes (and yes, if you’re wondering, we have way more than 2 minutes worth).

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Formidable Car Collections & Their Famous Owners

Car collections. When you’re rich, bringing all the toy cars you had as a kid to life is an actual possibility. Who wouldn’t take their Testarossa out to lunch and then switch over to the 442 for groceries just because they can?

These celebrities have made that dream a reality. Some of them you may know, others you may have forgotten about, but their collections are cool, big, and treasured by their owners.

Jay Leno

The most obvious on the list, Leno’s garage holds cars and bikes alike, and his collection is so big he stores it in a hanger known as his “Big Dog Garage.” He even has his own show, Jay Leno’s Garage, on CNBC where he gets to show them off, review others, and have guests show theirs.

His collection include a 1963 Jaguar E-Type Coupe, 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Coupe, 1994 McLaren F1, 1955 Buick Roadster, 1986 Lamborghini Countach, and a steam-driven 1906 Stanley Steamer.

Also, he got to drive Batman’s Tumbler.

Ralph Lauren

This fashion mogul also has a strong passion for vintage cars and their designs. And can you blame him? Lauren’s cars have the beautiful, classic and curvy look absent from most cars today, and he’s featured them beside the runway in a recent fashion show and has exhibited parts of his collection in museums throughout the years.

Lauren prefers European cars, as seen in his D.A.D. Garage. Some of the rarer models he has includes a 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe, a 1950 Jaguar XK120, and a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Volante Drophead Coupe.

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