How 1A Auto Helped Me Fix My Chevy’s Heat

Disclaimer: That is definitely not me featured in the video above.

I know just enough about cars to be dangerous. Well, that isn’t true—it’s my blind confidence that makes me dangerous. So when the heat went out on my Chevy Avalanche that I purchased a week before, I knew I wanted to fix it myself.

I have a 2003 Chevy Avalanche 1500 and the fan abruptly stopped working for both heat and A/C. It was a chilly ride home from Home Depot, that’s for sure!

Diagnosing the Cause of my Chevy Heat Failure

Trying to diagnose why the heater stopped blowing air, I turned to 1A Auto. I read an article on the 1A Blog about A/C failure. It was a thorough article on generic A/C issues but also covered when the fan stops working entirely, so I thought I could get some insight.

After removing the blower motor, I confirmed about 12v coming out of a 2 pin connector. I also hooked the motor directly to the battery and the fan started spinning, so I knew the problem wasn’t the blower motor. I didn’t have a way to test AMPs going through the wire when I changed the resistance. At this point, I assumed the problem was with the control panel but wasn’t sure how to troubleshoot it.

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