Automatic Door Not Working?

If the automatic door is not working on your minivan, for example, it doesn’t automatically open or close after you pull the door handle, or it isn’t fully closing after automatically closing, a part or wire may be malfunctioning. This post explains how to diagnose an automatic door not working with an advanced scan tool, multimeter, or test light.

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How to Troubleshoot the Automatic Sliding Door with an Advanced Scan Tool

If there are problems with the automatic function, you can scan the van with an advanced scan tool. An advanced scan tool can read the door’s modules.

Advanced scan tool reading the automatic door's modules
  1. Select the module for the problematic door
  2. Read the fault codes
  3. The fault codes can tell you what is exactly wrong with the door. In this case it’s a bad door latch.

How to Check the Wires on an Automatic Door Not Working

If you don’t have an advanced scan tool that can read the modules, check the wiring harness. A lot of power sliding doors can have electrical problems. Sometimes the wires move around enough to eventually break.

Prying up the wires from the track of an automatic door not working
Prying up the wires from the track
  1. Put the seat forward all the way
  2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal
  3. Remove the trim from the van’s power sliding door with trim tools
  4. Remove the trim pillar from the interior
  5. Disconnect the door’s electrical connector behind the trim pillar
  6. Pry up the wire from the track and the bracket
  7. Disconnect the connector from inside the track
  8. Check for a break in the wires

How to Check the Wires with a Multimeter

Multimeter set to ohms
Multimeter set to ohms

Check the wire for ohms and continuity. Set the multimeter to the ohms setting. Probe the same wire on both connectors. Move the wire and see if the meter jumps or reads for infinite resistance (OL), meaning there is a break.

Probing an electrical connector

How to Check the Wires with a Test Light

You can also connect a battery position to one wiring harness and a test light to the matching wire on the other. Move the wire and see if the light goes out, indicating the wire is bad. Do this for all of the wires.

Tips for an Automatic Door Not Closing

Automatic door function button turned off
Automatic door function button turned off

If you need to put the door in manual mode, turn the automatic function button in the overhead console off.

Automatic door stuck open
Automatic door stuck open

If the door isn’t closing and you won’t be replacing the latch soon, you want to make sure the door is always closed. If the door stays open, it can keep the dome light on and drain the battery.

The steps for replacing the door latch include removing the window from the sliding door, removing the trim pieces from the sliding door, and the interior door panel.

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