Complete Guide for Buying Tow Mirrors

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Towing mirrors give such an extended rearward view, they’re essential for any towing job.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all. How do you know what’s right for your truck?

Deciding which options are most compatible with your vehicle can make the upgrade go a lot smoother. Let’s review what’s available.

Snap-On, Suction, and Clip-On Tow Mirrors

If you don’t want to remove the side view mirrors, there’s a few ways you can transform them into a towing aide. These extensions will take minutes to install, no tools needed.

Snap-On Mirrors

snap on tow mirrors

Snap-on tow mirrors are easy to install and remove. They’ll snap over the mirror cap and latch on to the mirror within minutes, giving you similar vision as a new towing mirror.

Suction Cup Mirrors

Suction cup mirrors attach to the center of your mirror by a suction cup and extend out beside the mirror. A safety cord will wrap around the mirror for security.

Clip-On Mirrors

Clip-on or clamp-on mirrors will clamp to the top and/or bottom of the side view mirror. Some will secure by adjusting a strap to the mirror cover, and others will secure by tightening the clamps or clips. Like the suction cup tow mirror, these will extend out beside the mirror.

Manual vs. Power

If you want to replace your current mirrors with new tow mirrors, you’ll need to know if your vehicle has manual or power mirrors.

Manual Mirrors

manual driver side view towing mirror

Manual towing mirrors and manual side rear view mirrors can be easy to remove and install. You just have to remove the door panel. Typically, they’ll bolt right into the door, making your upgrade easy.

Power Mirrors

power driver side tow mirror

Power mirrors have an electrical wire that stems from the base. This connector allows for power options, such as heat, memory, dimming, folding, telescoping, turn signal lights, or puddle lights.

If you have power options on your standard side view mirrors from the factory, upgrading to tow mirrors with the same options is usually plug and play. But that’s assuming your current wiring is compatible with the tow mirror, which depends on the year, make, and model. If you want to verify the compatibility, you can call our staff at 888-844-3393 with your VIN ready and we can confirm for you.

Can I Upgrade My Power Mirror Options?

If you want more power options on your tow mirror, you may have to play with the wiring and install a switch if it’s needed. For example, a turn signal option might require new wiring to the turn signal connector. This can take time to install, but if you’re one to commit to repairs on your car, it could be a fun project.

If you want the install to be simple and easy, we recommend matching option for option for a plug and play install.

Telescoping Mirrors

telescoping mirror showing extended & standard positions

Telescopic or extendable mirrors can extend or “telescope” out for a wider viewing angle. This can give you better rear-view vision when you need it. They can be a feature on manual or power mirrors, and can extend or telescope electronically or manually.

Glass Options

Flat glass accurately reflects the proportion of objects outside the truck in relation to the mirror.

Convex mirrors are curved for a wider view. They’re usually on the rear view mirror on the passenger side. Convex glass has the ability to peer around corners in your rear and reflect it back to the glass, giving you access to blind spots.

Towing mirrors typically have flat glass as the larger portion, and a strip of convex glass underneath or beside it.

Left vs. Right

Some mirrors will be labeled “left side” or “right side.” The “left side” means driver side, and “right side” means passenger side.

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