Headlight Foggy Inside? Why It Happens and How to Fix

If you have old headlights that are foggy inside, you can upgrade your headlights or replace them. Find out how changing foggy headlights is an improvement and how you can upgrade to performance headlights in this article and video.

How to Replace Old Headlights That Are Foggy or Cloudy Inside

Mechanic next to a vehicle with old foggy headlights

General steps to replace foggy, cloudy or old headlights

  1. Disconnect or Remove Fasteners from the Headlights

    Remove any clips, screws, or bolts from the headlights to remove it.

  2. Remove the Headlight Assembly

    Pull the headlight out of the vehicle

  3. Disconnect the Electrical Connectors

    Disconnect any wiring harnesses from the headlight

  4. Remove the Side Marker Light

    Remove the side marker light if it comes separately and you’re installing an upgraded replacement with the side marker light included

  5. Splice Two Wires into the Side Marker Indicator Lights for the DRL Function

    If upgrading to performance headlights, splice wires into the side marker indicator lights with the connectors provided for the daytime running light (DRL) function.

  6. Connect the Wiring Harnesses

    Reconnect the bulbs and main wiring connector.

  7. Attach the Headlight

    Press the headlight into place

  8. Reattach the Fasteners

    Attach any clips or screws to the headlight

  9. Aim the Headlights

    Once the headlights have been installed, aim the headlights to their specific aiming point.

    More on how to aim headlights

Fix old headlights that are foggy or cloudy inside yourself with quality auto parts and tips at 1aauto.com

Why Is My Headlight Foggy Inside?

Old headlights that are foggy inside

Just because your headlights are foggy or cloudy doesn’t mean they need to be replaced right away, but they can dim your headlights, which makes your vehicle less visible and it harder to see while driving.

While manufacturers have chosen to use plastic lens, these kinds of headlights need to vent heat from the bulbs. Because of these vents, moisture and condensation can collect inside the headlight, and over time your headlights can look foggy or cloudy inside. The best way to fix this is to install new headlights.

Why Replace a Foggy Cloudy Headlight?

New headlights with no fog inside

Remove Outdated Look

Foggy or cloudy headlights can make your car or truck feel outdated. Upgrading to new or performance headlights can give your headlights a crystal clear look from the outside and while driving.

Improve Road Vision

New headlights will let you see the road clearly. The specific example featured in this article’s video has a projection beam in the center. The new pair will magnify the light and has high beam, and indicator light with an amber bulb, and a black housing for a sleek look.

Get Lights Together in One Assembly

If you upgrade your old headlights, you may be able to replace the old ones like in this article’s video with a single assembly. The featured headlights also have LED strips for the daytime running lights, giving it a modern look and upgrade the vehicle from regular headlights.

HID Appearance

The performance headlights featured will also give an HID look without the extra cost of installing HID lights and bulbs.

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How-to Videos to Help with Your Repairs

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