How Often Do You Really Change Your Engine Oil? (Poll)

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Last week’s oil change post turned out to be quite a hot topic that had some truly outstanding, in-depth comments.  After all the positive feedback from it, it got me thinking about how often people change their oil / have it changed.  You guys know where I stand at this point, so now it’s your turn to fess up and tell the truth.  How often do all of you really change your engine oil?  Give this poll to your friends  & family and we’ll see what’s what. The polls have officially been opened!

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5 thoughts to “How Often Do You Really Change Your Engine Oil? (Poll)”

    1. Charles, I love the idea of changing oil once a year, but what prevents the AMSOIL from being contaminated with condensation or the oil burning off before the end of the year comes? Unfortunately, many cars out there are driven short distances and burn oil. By 25K miles, they may have no oil left! 🙂

      1. Jeremy,
        Thanks for your response. I understand:) Yes, you need to check the oil lever every month. I totally agree that we need to take care of our vehicles …and they will last a life time!!

        By the way…you have an excellent web-site with great information and prices on auto parts!

        The superior quality of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provides customers with the ultimate in protection and performance, while their extended drain capabilities provide another significant benefit: cost effectiveness. As customers struggle with rapidly increasing vehicle expenses, including
        high gasoline prices, they can be confident they’re saving money through the use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils. While a 3,000-mile oil change is initially less expensive than an AMSOIL oil change, the extended drain capabilities of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils save customers money in the long run.

  1. My fear is forgetting to change the oil so we change it when the odometer hits 5,000 mile increments. I have a toyota with 170,000 that just got an oil change and will get another one at 175,000 miles. The oil comes out pretty clean and the engine has had no issues. My goal is 250,000 miles on this car (1995 Avalon).

  2. None of the above. I change oil as soon as convenient after 3,000 miles. One car I only drive around town about 3,000 miles per year, the other is mostly on the highway in 800 mile trips.

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