How to Get a Dent Out of a Metal Bumper

Dents in a metal or chrome bumper can be unsightly and tempting to fix, and there is a simple method for fixing them. While you may not be able to repair a chrome or metal bumper to a completely smooth condition or appearance, it is possible to fix dents enough so they are hardly noticeable. If you have a dent in your bumper and would like to remove it, this guide explains how to get a dent out of a metal bumper with a hammer and dolly.

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How to Remove Dents from a Metal or Chrome Bumper with a Hammer and Dolly

Tools Needed

  • Hammer and dolly
7pc Auto Body Hammer & Dolly Kit

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1. Find the Dent on the Bumper and Decide if Parts Need to Be Removed to Fix It

Find the dent on the bumper and remove parts like the tailgate or the bumper itself to access the dent.

How to Fix an Inverted Dent

Steps for fixing an inverted dent on a chrome or metal bumper

  1. Find the Dent’s Location on the Back of the Bumper

    If the dent is inverted, find its location on the back of the bumper

  2. On the Outside of the Bumper, Hold a Dolly Against the Bump

    Press a dolly against the bump on the outside of the dent, or have an assistant hold one, to even the dent out and prevent it from rising unevenly.

  3. Place a Piece of Wood Against the Dent on the Backside of the Bumper or Tap the Bump out with a Hammer

    Use a piece of wood to divert the impact of the blows and to prevent cracking on the bumper or tap the metal directly. Tap the bump out with a hammer.

How to Fix a Protruding Dent

  1. If the dent is protruding up or out, tap the bump from the outside of the bumper with a hammer to even it out. Consider tapping on a piece of wood to prevent cracking.

Will the Dent Smoothen Out Perfectly?

It’s probably not possible to repair the dent to the original condition, but it should smoothen out.

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How to Get a Dent out of a Metal Bumper - Expert Advice - 1A Auto
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