How to Remove a Radiator Hose That’s Stuck and Won’t Loosen

How to remove radiator hose and loosen stuck hoses

Is your radiator hose stuck, and you’re having trouble getting it loose? In this video, our mechanic shows you how to remove a radiator hose that doesn’t want to come off. Watch now:

How To Loosen A Stuck Radiator Hose

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Why can’t I remove my radiator hose?

It’s common for radiator hoses, such as coolant hoses, to get stuck because the rubber they’re made from tends to expand when they heat up.

Going through a period of heating up and cooling down will often lead to these hoses getting stuck to their attachments.

How do I remove a stuck radiator hose?

Our mechanic shows you a trick that will help loosen a radiator hose that’s stuck.

Tools needed:

  • Pick

If you’ve tried twisting the hose off with no luck, follow our mechanic’s steps to remove the hose with a pick:

  1. Place the pick between the hose and fitting

    Carefully slide the end of the angled pick between the hose and the fitting

  2. Slide the pick to pull the hose from the fitting

    Slide the pick around the inside of the hose to pull it away from the fitting

  3. Remove the hose from the fitting

    Pull the hose off the fitting

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