How to Remove Headlight Haze: Should You Refinish or Replace a Headlight?

If your headlight has aged and has fogged up, has cracks or other signs we cover in this post and video, you might wonder if you should refinish or replace it to remove any headlight haze or cloudiness. Find out why we think replacing a headlight is better than refurbishing and how you can replace it yourself easily.

What’s Better? Restoring or Replacing Headlights?

1A Auto mechanic reviewing how to remove headlight haze by replacing it

Should I Restore or Replace the Headlight to Remove Fading or Haze?

You might consider restoring or replacing the headlight if it’s aged, cracked, cloudy, faded, or hazed. We do not recommend resurfacing or restoring the headlight to remove haze or cloudiness. Resurfacing and buffing out the headlight will leave swirls and remove the protective coat, leading to an eventual replacement.

Instead of refurbishing and then replacing the headlight later, you can save time by installing a new headlight yourself on each side. They’ll have new coating, and with a new pair installed, your headlights will shine clear and bright.

When Should I Replace a Headlight?

Maybe you’re driving and notice a by passer has bright headlights. It’s also possible your headlights are actually dull or don’t shine as bright. You want headlights to shine bright enough so you can clearly see the road, and driving with dim headlights is not safe. We recommend replacing your headlights before they dull, crack, or cloudy up.

If your headlights need replacing they’ll have problems like

  • Cracked or broken headlight lens
  • Cloudy appearance
  • Fogginess or haze
  • Shine dim light
  • Flicker

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