How to Remove Window Tint

If you have tinted windows on your car and want to find out how to remove it, this article and video reviews how to remove window tint film and window tint glue yourself with three tools.

How to Remove Window Tint Film and Window Tint Glue

Tools Needed

Tip: An attachment on the heat gun can direct the hot air better

Steps to Remove Window Tint

Steps for how to remove window tint

  1. Heat the Window Tint Film by Moving the Heat Gun in Straight Lines Across the Tint

    Start at the edge of the window and work along the whole glass and film. This will soften the glue that’s holding the window tint on. Work the heat gun across the window in streaks, back and forth. Work the heat up and down the sides of the window.

    Removing Window Tint

  2. Scrape the Tint Film off with a Razor Blade and Heat the Film Until You Can Grab a Chunk

    Test how loose the tint is by separating it from the window glass. Once the tint is loose enough to come off, scrape off a large enough chunk of film to grab so the tint comes off easier.

  3. Heat and Remove the Window Tint Film at an Angle Until It Is Loose Enough to Remove

    Gently pull the film off and work the heat behind it so the glue softens. Take your time heating it, and be careful where you’re directing the heat to not melt other components. If needed, put your knee into the door to help pull the tint. Pull the window tint film at an angle and work it back and forth to loosen it from the glue.

    Eventually the tint will remove easily as there is more force and heat to remove it.

  4. Spray the Glass with Glass Cleaner

    To begin removing the window tint glue from the window glass, spray the glass with glass cleaner

  5. Scrape off the Window Tint Glue with a Razor Blade

    Scrape off any remaining adhesive with a razor blade. Try to scrape the glue off in lines. If the window feels dry, spray more glass cleaner.

    You may need to wipe the window dry to see more glue residue, but repeat the steps until all the adhesive has been removed. Finally, spray and wipe the window with glass cleaner

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How to Remove Window Tint Film and Glue - Expert Tips - 1A Auto
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How to Remove Window Tint Film and Glue - Expert Tips - 1A Auto
If your car has window tint and you want to remove it, this guide and video explains how to remove window tint film and glue yourself with three tools and some simple steps
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