How to Use Car Ramps

Car ramps can be useful for raising the vehicle to bleed the cooling system, change the oil, or do other front end work. Our mechanic Andrew reviews how to use car ramps properly and safely in this article and video in a few simple steps.

How to Put Your Vehicle on Car Ramps

Steps for how to use car ramps

  1. Place the Ramps Against the Tire

    Line the ramps evenly against the tire and press them against the tire. Make sure they are straight and aligned with the tire’s on the vehicle.

  2. Back the Vehicle Up for a Few Inches and Gently Drive Up the Ramps

    Put the vehicle in reverse and back up a few inches. Then put the transmission in Drive, step on the gas, and use the momentum to gently drive up the ramps.

  3. Once on the Ramps, Stop and Put the Vehicle in Park

    Once the vehicle is secured on the ramps, press the brake pedal and put the vehicle in Park.

  4. Apply the Parking Brake

    With the vehicle in Park and the car on the ramps, put the parking brake on.

  5. Once Finished, Disengage the Parking Brake

    Once the repair or diagnosis is complete, disengage the parking brake before starting the vehicle.

  6. Start the Car Up, Put the Transmission in Reverse, and Roll Back Down

    With the parking brake disengaged, start the vehicle, put it in Reverse, and gently roll it back down the car ramps.

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How to Use Car Ramps - Safely Put Your Vehicle on Ramps - 1A Auto
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Find out how to use car ramps with these simple steps in this article and video with tips from our automotive professionals.
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