Spending A Day Failing Teaches You Something

workbench disaster
Sometimes, you spend an entire day wrenching on some type of fantastic automotive project, and it turns into 10 hours of pure, pain-filled, torturous, unstoppable failure. Don’t bother trying to prevent it, because it cannot be done. For my fellow car enthusiast friends, and myself, a complete day full of failure is scheduled against our will once every few months, or anytime after 11pm.  When it happens, you know it.  Bolts will break, fire takes place, parts vanish, and injuries are 100% totally unavoidable.  I’m serious!  The hardest that I have ever been punched was directly in the face with my own fist! That’s a story for another day though. During the course of one of these types of days, each and every second will be worse than the last, but if you give up, you are a quitter. You don’t want to be a quitter right?  Now, after this past weekend, I came to the realization that some good may actually come out of a day of failure. Here is the key: Failing hard will keep a person humble. Let me explain. Read More