Jay Leno Is First to Test Out The 2012 Beetle Turbo.


Can’t see the video? Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9L3n-w3N5I

Jay Leno has the car collection that every enthusiast dreams of.  He also gets invited to awesome car-related events because well… he’s a famous & ridiculously knowledgeable car-guy.  That’s what famous car-guys do.  Most recently, he was in Wolfsburg Germany checking out the brand new Volkswagen Beetle that has been buzzing around the internet for a few months now.  It seems that the vast majority of VW enthusiasts are excited about the new model because of it’s sleeker, more Porsche-esque look.  Jay Leno agrees.  What’s that you say? You like old cars?  Well you are in luck, because in the video, Jay also drives the worlds oldest Volkswagen Beetle from 1938.

What are YOUR Favorite Wheels?

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is that you just can’t drive a car without wheels.  Many people have tried, and many people have failed.  So in celebration of this great necessity, I ask you this: If you had a barrel full of cash money to spend, what wheels would you put on your car? Would you go for the Teddies?  Maybe the ultra rare set of Michelin man wheels?  Gold 100 spoke Daytons with real knock-offs? Possibly even the Donk style 26’s?

For me, I would probably grab some 19’s from a new BMW, powder coat them black if they aren’t already, and stuff them under the fenders of my truck.  For my ’64 Impala, I would probably have some stock “looking” steel wheels custom made, but have them 17×9, and able to handle disc brakes.  Then I would wrap them in Michelins and roll low with chrome dog dish hub caps. Maybe I’m weird.

What would you do?

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