Car Door Won’t Shut or Open?

Learn to Diagnose and Fix a Car Door That’s Stuck Open or Closed

If the outside or inside car door handle is stuck, not working, and won’t open the car door from the outside or inside, or if the car door won’t shut and latch, there are ways to diagnose the car door handles and the door latch assembly yourself that may only require removing the door panel. These tips from our experts will help you check parts like the outside and inside door handle, its locks, and the door latch assembly to determine which part needs replacing.

Once you know which part won’t open your car door, or keeps the door handle stuck, learn to replace it yourself with our how-to videos that cover many different years, makes, and models in 1A Auto’s how-to video library. You can also use our how-to videos to help with some of the diagnostic steps mentioned in this article, such as removing the door panel to access and check interior and exterior door handle rods, clips, and the door latch. For help accessing the door panel when the door won’t open, check out the video at the end of this article.

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Remote Key Won’t Unlock Car Door? [Expert Tips to Diagnose & Fix]

Remote Key Won't Unlock Car Door

If your car door won’t unlock with your remote key, like, for example, when you press a working key fob and a locked door won’t open but the others do, there could be a few different causes. We’ll cover what parts could be keeping your door from opening and how to diagnose it yourself. We also have plenty of how-to videos that can show you how to install a new part if you want to replace it yourself.

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