1A Blog Asks: What’s The Ideal Car For Carmageddon?

By this point you have probably read or seen on TV that the Los Angeles 405 Freeway is shut down for 3 days.  This horrifying event has now been appropriately nicknamed “Carmageddon”.  Why?  Because all of that 405 bound traffic will now end up super saturating the surrounding areas, causing people to become highly irrational.  If LA traffic is anything like Boston traffic, we can surely count on enough foul language and rude hand gestures to last us 37 lifetimes.  The kind of filth that will be screamed out the side windows of these marooned vehicles will be atrociously offensive in ways that we don’t even understand yet.  Best case scenario is that Merriam-Webster gains a few new verbs from it.

Now that we understand that no word with “ageddon” on the end is ever a good thing, how does one make the best of this bad situation?  Well, the only way is to make sure that you are the person driving the most Carmageddon appropriate vehicle.  What kind of vehicle is it?  What options are must have’s for keeping your sanity during hours of traffic?  A/C ? Super Swampers? Shark rockets? You tell me!


Awesome Camaro SS Image Credit: Terry McDonnell