Van’s Rule!

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so I’ve always had a thing for vans. Here’s a pretty cool van burnout that I found on YouTube for our Friday video post. It kind of has a “Who’s The Boss” theme going on.


Stinky Twinkie: "Driving Mad Miles Since 2008"

Christmas shopping this weekend at the mall was the exact opposite of fun.  It was a day filled with screaming children, overly agitated people, and “sales” that you know aren’t really a sale at all.  I grasped at anything that could make the day more bearable.  I thought about how delicious warm pretzels are, I polished my sneakers on the way up and down the escalator (on the side bristles), and even watched teenagers throw change off the 2nd floor on to the people below (AKA, me). Fortunately,  there was something amazing waiting outside in the parking lot, an attention grabbing black hole of a vehicle.  The very first moment that I saw it, I knew it was special.  As I meandered to the back of the parking lot dodging all of the cars that were deliberately trying to run me over, I was finally able to read the side of it.  “Stinky Twinkie” – “Driving Mad Miles Since 2008”. Heck yes, instant mood improvement.

It was parked just a couple spots down from me in the mall parking lot, and nobody around me seemed to even acknowledge its presence.  With so many mad miles, how could it be possibly be ignored??  I have no idea.  Was it a figment of my imagination? Continue Reading