Why do Gas Prices Go Down in the Winter?


Gas prices always seem to be lower in the winter than in the summer.  All the things that make gas prices rise and fall can be pretty convoluted, and a lot of factors play into seasonal price differences.  There’s higher demand in the summer, with people going on vacations, and generally getting out more and doing more driving.  The biggest factor that makes gas cost more in the summer is that the gasoline is actually different. Read More

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Gas Prices: Anybody Else Notice The Sneakiness?

It didn’t really hit me until this weekend, but I think gas prices have been sneaking their way back up again.  Those little rascals….  According to Gasbuddy.com, we are currently averaging around $3.00 per gallon for regular gas in the US.  While that certainly isn’t as bad as the $4.00 per Gallon in 2007, it is not as nice as the wonderful days in mid-2008 when we were dancing in the streets over the sub-$2.00 gas average.  It definitely makes me consider creating an 87 octane tune for my truck so that I can run it on 87 whenever I want to be cheap, and then swap to 93 when I want to force 25 psi through it. Is it summer yet?

What are the gas prices like where you live?

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