Most vs. Least Expensive Cars on eBay. 9/24

9/24 Most Expensive Car on EBay.

Vehicle: 2008 Koenigsegg CCX # 220669611666

Buy it Now Price: $1,250,000.00

Owner Says: “Automotive experts agree the CCX is as sweet as supercars come, and for more reasons than just its 3.2-second rip from 0 to 60 miles an hour; its quarter-mile run in 9.9 seconds at 146 m.p.h.; or its roughly 245 m.p.h. top speed.”

My Thoughts:  I could buy 2000+ Pontiac Fieros for this price.   2000 cars or 1….. hmmm. Not sure.

9/24 Least Expensive Car on EBay.

Vehicle: 1965 Ford Mustang # 230527525981

Buy it Now Price: $200

Owner Says: “For your consideration is a 1965 Mustang Shell. Most of the parts have been removed. It still has the rearend, and front suspension as well as the wheels. The quarter panels have some rust in the bottoms. The quarter windows are still there and lots of various other parts including: Steering column, Brake Assembly, Heater Motor. The floors are in decent shape. The roof is not usable.”

My Thoughts: In New England, normally the roof is the only good part of an old car. Apparently in Oregon, not even the roofs are safe!