This Is a 20B, Otherwise Known As a 3-Rotor.


A friend of mine has had this 3-rotor twin turbo Mazda 20B engine forever and it haunts my soul. Over 10 years ago, it was going to be dropped into his 2nd generation RX7 which would have been an absolute monster. Sadly, just a short time after the engine was commandeered from a land far, far away, his RX7 was t-boned hard in the side.  He was fine, but the car was destroyed. The beautiful 3-rotor engine was then put into storage where it lived in the darkness up until recently, when it needed to be relocated.  So what’s the plan for it you ask?  That’s a super fantastic question, that I would love to know the answer to!  I know that I dream about owning it every single night, but honestly, it is worth more than any of my vehicles, so swapping it into any of them would just be shameful.

What would you guys do with an engine like this? Caterham? 3rd gen RX7? Miata? VW Bus? I’m out of ideas…

RX7 Under Construction Pic.

Not much going on here.  Just a friend’s single turbo swapped 93 RX7 in the process of getting a new pilot bearing.  It should be back on the road soon enough though. Oh, and it makes close to 400 horsepower, which is also nice.  I think once it is back together I will get some good pictures of it, and show off just how awesome/ahead of their time the 3rd Gen RX7’s are.

Throw Out Bearing Says: “Not Agaaaaain!”

When you build a car from a bunch of parts that were not intended to play nicely together, sometimes you end up breaking some random stuff.  Normal people don’t have these issues.  Unfortunately… hm…  no….. fortunately in my world, this kind of issue is the norm.  This past weekend my brother in law and I had a hoot of a time pulling the transmission out of his 2nd generation FC RX7 because the throw out bearing had exploded in grand fashion.

In a serious tone, you say:Jeremy, this is not normal! What is the meaning of this?!
To which I proudly respond:Truer words have never been spoken!….. but alas! He has a 3rd generation, FD twin turbo engine swap producing mucho POWAH!
You then cover your ears with your hands and shout:Oh My!

Back to reality…. where were we?  Oh yeah, so the car was built quite some time ago, and then recently sat untouched for a few years outside in the awful New England weather (sadface), which we are thinking maaaaaay have been a contributor to the bearing failure.

To sum it all up:  Throw Out Bearings can make the Best Day Evaaaaaar! into the Worst Day Evah!!! in the blink of an eye.  Use the picture above to easily determine which day you may be having.