Fact: People Need Wheelies.

I woke up this morning with a potential solution to a problem that many people out there have.  Wheelie addiction.  From the zero extensive research that I did, a person cannot be diagnosed with addiction to wheelies or prescribed any sort of medication for it.  (In your head right now, you are likely imagining Christopher Walken saying “I got wheelie feva’, and only prescription…. is more wheelies….”) Don’t worry though, I think I have this figured out.  Let’s put this grand idea down on paper , shall we?

A) You have a car that does wheelies.  First off, congratulations on being awesome, because you are.  But if you want to be on two wheels, can’t you just lock away the car for a while, and get a motorcycle instead? Sure you can!

B) You acquire a motorcycle because you clearly have a passion for two wheels. Then you realize, that being on 1 wheel is the only way to go.  Not only do you get to balance with front to back action, but now you also get to balance the side to side action as well!  Seriously? Do you really need to be on 1 wheel?  Yes, you do because you’re addicted.

C) It’s officially unicycle time!  The solution to all of your wheelie issues.  If you pull a 1.2 second 60 foot time at the track, or lean back like a motorcycle, you will find yourself riding pavement.  Ouch.  Better wear a helmet.  A few falls from the unicycle should clear the wheelie addiction right up.

Now where can I find a unicycle…

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