Help This Guy Find His Stolen VW in SoCal!

The automotive community these days is tighter than ever, which means that it is tough for criminals to get away with car related crime.  Today’s mission for car enthusiasts nationwide is to find this guys VW GTI! He went out to a restaurant to have some delicious chicken wings and watch some football, and ended the night staring at an empty parking spot where he left his much loved GTI.

The owner (HipHopDub) says:

“I was at buffalo wild wings on citrus and workman in west Covina watching football with a friend of mine. We left and I realized I didn’t have my keys so I went back to the table we were sitting at and looked around. We didn’t find anything and I spoke w the managers. They said no one turned in any keys. So I had my friend drive me home to grab a spare key. When we returned, my car was gone. I was bummed w the idea of having to replace a vw switchblade key because of how expensive they are…. But I never thought that someone would actually steal my car…. I took a picture of my car in the parking lot while I was leaving, never thought it would be the last time I saw it.

It’s a 2004 reflex silver gti. Black roof. Vw roofvrack crossbars. Lowered on 17″ arrietas. No tint, no front plates. License plate is 5HRS162. If anyone sees it, please call the cops right away. I’ve had that car brand new from 6 years ago. Not just another car to me. I’m devastated right now. Police report filed. car was parked outside of restaurants outdoor camera’s line of sight. management will check inside videotapes tomorrow.

I hope they find it. i dont care of its stripped, i just want it back. 🙁 ”

Readers in SoCal & Surrounding Areas > Keep your eyes peeled on the streets for this car, and possibly on Craigslist for it’s parts.  If you see it, call the police and get the scum of the earth thrown in the slammer.

Fingers crossed for a safe return!

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