Journey WRX: A WRX Journey

Over on VWVortex, there is never a lack of greatness being posted from people that are far more creative and talented than myself. This video is from one of those posts.  From what I have gathered, the creator of the video’s friend (did I lose you there?) bought a Subaru WRX, but that isn’t his only claim to fame.  He can also tear up a basketball court like he invented the dang Reebok Pumps. Naturally, the two friends decided to combine these two passions into one cinematic adventure that strangely makes me want to purchase something at the end.  I just can’t decide whether I want some classic Air Jordan’s, or a new WRX.  In any case, it is amazing what a couple of talented folks can do behind a camera.  A simple idea turns into something that could easily be a great TV advertisement for……. something I have yet to decide. Well done!

Video originally posted by: “bmashbat” over on VWVortex

Don’t Let Sludge and Friction Enter Your Engine Party

As a full time gearhead, I often find myself talking to my non-gearhead friends about their cars and the importance of maintenance.  I always stress the importance of regular oil changes because it’s like super cheap insurance in my mind.  Clean oil and a fresh oil filter = happily rotating parts inside your engine.  Once Sludge enter the place, your engine-party is over.

Everybody knows that Sludge smells terrible and whenever you have Sludge, his best buddy Friction isn’t far behind. Great, who brought these guys? The Smoooooth Operaaator song (by Sade… you remember that one right?) comes to a screeching halt because nobody wants Friction at their happy-engine party.   Sludge is always so tough to get rid of though once he’s there. He’s always blocking door ways, getting in the way of activities, and stinking the place up big time.  The entire symphony of parts on the once flowing dance floor begin intently looking at each other watching for the first one to head out. Obviously no one wants to be “that guy” at the party. Read More

RPOTD: How to Ruin a New Camaro Edition

Random Picture Of The Day


Today I bring to you not 1, but 5 (yes…….Five!) pictures of the day because 1 is just not enough to wrap your brain around this one.

Why? I don’t know either. It is what it is. I’ve decided to tell myself that it is some kind of movie car or something, and not just somebody ruining their new Camaro. The positive thing to come from this is that the resale value of this wreck will be extremely low, so when it eventually does become for sale, it will be quite affordable!

Images borrowed from “iDance” at: