22.5 Inch Wheels on a Mid 50’s Chevy Truck

I’m not sure that this picture does justice for the ungodly size of the wheels and tires on this truck.  In person, this truck is massive, and disturbingly awesome.  The tire size was claiming 22.5 inch, and I’d agree.  The rear differential must have weighed about 800 pounds, and the brake drums looked big enough to stop a large locomotive.  I’m not sure who’s idea this was, but they deserve a high 5 and a free sandwich or something for pulling it off.  Just gawk at the rear tire for a while and let me know what you think.

Craziest Thing That Has Ruined Your Tire.

Stick Spearing a Tire

Over the weekend I saw a real jerk-of-a-stick spear through a nice tire. I then said to myself, I bet this is not that uncommon. Show me your destroyed tires caused by unlikely situations!  Show me your abused, beaten, and neglected tires!  Bring me the worst of the worst, and the best of the best!  If you post up a link that fits the bill, I’ll get it up here for the world to see!

Bonus Flat Tire Info:  It is widely accepted that one of the most common cause of flat tires, is under-inflated tires.  Seems dumb right?“Ok, so my tire was flat and caused my tire to be flat? What? Am I being punk’d?”….Well, yes.  People never check their tire pressures (or oil, antifreeze, brakes, etc, etc, don’t get me started!).  Over time, the wheels corrode, valve stems deteriorate, temperatures change, and planets align causing tires to lose a teeeeeny tiny little bit of air pressure every once in a great while.  Time passes and pretty soon, you are getting awful gas mileage and wearing out the sidewalls of your tires because they are not meant to be driven on.  Duh.  the sidewalls then blow out in grand fashion, leaving you surprised on the side of the road. “What?! I can’t believe this happened!?!? I remember checking the pressure in 1994, and it was perfect!!!? What happened??”

Question: Do I really need 17 wheels for one truck?

While doing a little spring cleaning recently, I began to realize that I had amassed a massive quantity of extra wheels and tires for the 1989 Dodge truck I have. If you combine the number of tires (18), with the number of wheels (17), you can imagine just how much space this takes up. Now, I can look at this a few different ways. I could think positively, and say “Hey, I have 1 set of wheels for each season, plus a spare!” Conversely, I could be a downer, and say “I have 17 wheels, and only 7 will physically bolt on to my truck at this very moment.” Yes, they all have the same bolt pattern, but let’s just say that my truck is weird, and doesn’t willingly accept change.  The question then arises, if the truck can only handle 4 wheels and 4 tires at any given time, do I really need 3 extra complete sets?

Future: The Dynosphere Takes the Streets?

People were more creative in the 1930’s, this video makes that quite apparent.  This guy decided that 4 wheels was not the proper way to transport people, and 1 giant wobbling wheel would be waaaaay better.  I am not going to say he was wrong, but maybe just a little too advanced for his era.  If I’m not in a flying car by 2020, I am definitely going on search for a dynosphere.  It’s the only logical thing to do if I am travelling down a beach or through a desert.  Who’s with me?