Volvo V70 Problems: 2nd Generation (2001 to 2007)

The Volvo V70 existed for 3 generations. Here are the top Volvo V70 problems owners ran into with the 2nd generation, years 2001 to 2007.

2nd Generation Volvo V70 Problems (2001 to 2007)

Mechanic reviewing the top 5 problems with the 2nd gen 2001 to 2007 Volvo V70

1. Transmission Problems

Symptoms of Problems with the Transmission in the 2001 to 2007 Volvo V70

  • Hard shifting
  • Issues shifting

Causes of Issues with the Transmission

You can hear and feel issues with the transmission while driving.

How to Fix Problems with the Transmission

The cheapest and easiest way to fix problems with the transmission is a software update. There’s no dipstick, so to check the fluid you’ll need to drain and replace all of it. Due to that and the expertise required to work on transmission, we recommend bringing this to a professionals for fixing.

2. Door Locks

Symptoms of Bad Door Locks

  • Door locks not always working

Causes of Bad Door Locks

If one door isn’t locking, more than likely it has a problem with the door lock actuator. If all of them are not locking, there is likely a problem with the driver door module.

How to Fix Faulty Door Locks

Replace the door lock actuator if it has a problem. If there is a problem with all four door, replace/update? The door module.

3. ABS Module Failure

Symptoms of a Bad ABS Module

  • Check engine light is on
  • ABS light is on
  • Speedometer stop working

How to Fix ABS Module Failure

If there is a problem with the ABS module, it’ll need to be replaced. You might be able to rebuild it, and replacing this part can be expensive.

4. Upper Engine Mount Failure

Symptoms of a Bad Upper Engine Mount

  • Vibration when shifting
  • Banging sound when shifting
  • Vibration from the engine

Causes of Faulty Upper Engine Mounts

The rubber mounts can rip or the hydraulic fluid can leak, weakening the motor mount’s support.

How to Fix Bad Upper Engine Mounts

Replace the motor mount.

5. Worn Control Arm Bushings

Symptoms of Bad Control Arm Bushings

  • Knocking or squeaking sound from the wheel
  • Steering wheel loosens when driving over bumps

Causes of Worn Control Arm Bushings

Worn control arm bushings can make the steering less secure and cause a squeaking sound.

More on if you should replace the control arm bushing or the entire assembly

How to Fix Worn Control Arm Bushings

Replace the control arm.

2nd Generation Volvo V70 Model Years

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