1964 Impala Convertible Project Part 2

We left off Part 1 of the 1964 Chevy Impala project with a freshly cut off quarter panel, and a fear of what I had just done.  There was no turning back though, the sheet metal was off, and crying was no longer allowed.  What I found hiding behind the quarter could have been described as something in between discouraging and disappointment. It was ugly at best.

As much as I would have loved to slap the new quarter panel on and forget that I had seen any of that, it would have haunted me for the rest of my life. I had no choice but to make like Dave Coulier and cut-it-out with my cut off wheel. The gas tank filler pipe surround  piece was in rough shape as well, which is what I believe to be the major contributor of the rot to this entire area. (more…)

What’s Going On At New Hampshire Motor Speedway This Weekend

If you’re heading up to NHMS tonight after work, the race festivities kick off at 5:00 today with the New England 125 K&N Pro Series East. Max Gresham won the pole for the event, he will be piloting the 18 from the first place starting spot Friday afternoon.

Be sure to check out the F.W. Webb 100 modified race on Saturday. This is always one of the best races of the weekend. Sprint Cup driver Ryan Newman won the pole for Saturdays race. He’s always a force to be reckoned with in the modified series, as he has won the event in 2010 and this is his third straight pole at “The Magic Mile” for this series.

After the F.W. Webb 100 modified race, the Nationwide Series New England 200 will be set to kick off at 3:30 pm. This is a great chance to watch some of your favorite Sprint Cup drivers compete against some of Nascar’s up and coming young stars as they try their hand at defeating seasoned Sprint Cup drivers such as Carl Edwards, and Kyle Busch to name a few.

On Sunday, Nascar’s main event the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 is set to take stage at 1:00 pm. However show up early because there are always some cool souvenir trailers to poke through and usually there’s an opening band that gets the crowd rocking before the race.

The weather for Sunday’s race is said to be near 90 degrees.



Thank you to “Cindy” for sending in this cool picture of a Coors Light stock car she saw sitting outside of Sam’s Club.

1A Blog Asks: What’s The Ideal Car For Carmageddon?

By this point you have probably read or seen on TV that the Los Angeles 405 Freeway is shut down for 3 days.  This horrifying event has now been appropriately nicknamed “Carmageddon”.  Why?  Because all of that 405 bound traffic will now end up super saturating the surrounding areas, causing people to become highly irrational.  If LA traffic is anything like Boston traffic, we can surely count on enough foul language and rude hand gestures to last us 37 lifetimes.  The kind of filth that will be screamed out the side windows of these marooned vehicles will be atrociously offensive in ways that we don’t even understand yet.  Best case scenario is that Merriam-Webster gains a few new verbs from it.

Now that we understand that no word with “ageddon” on the end is ever a good thing, how does one make the best of this bad situation?  Well, the only way is to make sure that you are the person driving the most Carmageddon appropriate vehicle.  What kind of vehicle is it?  What options are must have’s for keeping your sanity during hours of traffic?  A/C ? Super Swampers? Shark rockets? You tell me!


Awesome Camaro SS Image Credit: Terry McDonnell

Move In Day At NHMS;Louden NH

It’s Thursday ! What’s so great about Thursday? Well… if you’re a race fan it’s official “Move In” day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The excitement begins tonight at 5:00 with the race hauler parade. What’s the race hauler parade do you ask? That’s when all of the cool 18 wheelers line up and parade around the track so that the fans can get a good look at these things. If you have ever seen one of these truck blow by you on the interstate,they’re pretty awesome to look at. They are always super clean and painted up like your favorite drivers stock car.

Joey Logano will also be available tonight to sign autographs for the fans at the track. Logano’s first win was at NHMS in 2009 making him the youngest driver to have won a Sprint Cup Race.

Here’s a video link to the Sprint Cup Hauler parade on the NHMS website.

NHMS Sprint Cup Hauler Parade Video

Next Stop NHMS; Louden NH

With Kentucky behind us I’ll be heading up to NHMS on Friday night. The RV’s already parked in it’s place courtesy of some great friends just waiting for the race weekend festivities to begin.

If you’re heading up to Louden before the weekend be sure to take in the K&N series race on Friday. Andrew Ranger driver of the Waste Management car has been lighting that series on fire. The kid can pretty much drive anything you put him in.

On Saturday for $40.00 you can catch the Modified race which is one of the best races of the weekend. Ryan Newman usually drives in the event, and after that the Nationwide race runs. So you can catch both of these races for very little money and it’s a great fun filled afternoon.

The Sprint Cup Series is set to run on Sunday. Guys to pick for your fantasy league are Clint Bowyer, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart and David Reutimann all typically run very well at this track.

I’ve had seats on the start/finish line for 10 years now and have witnessed Tony Stewart climb the huge catch fence right in front of us, it was a pretty cool sight to see.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. absolutely loves this track and even if he has had a bad season he usually runs well here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 88 in victory lane on Sunday.

One of the coolest things about winning at Louden on Sunday is the victory ” lobsta” that these guys always receive. I have no idea where they catch these things but they’re always huge.


Restarting the 1964 Impala Convertible Project Part 1

I can’t speak for everybody, but I know that I love build threads.  When I read about what other people are working on, breaking, and racing, I get all amp’ed up and ready to weld the nearest object to me.  Watching a vehicle go from a total rust bucket to a weekend driver or show car is inspiring and often gives me the motivation I need to work on my own junky projects.  Just last weekend I read 192 pages of a build thread on The Samba about a 1938 VW beetle found in Lithuania. It literally took me a few hours to read, and it was quite possibly the most impressive forum thread I have ever witnessed.  When I was done reading it, I wanted to give somebody, anybody a round of applause.  My cat Malibu pranced into the room and was excitedly cheered on by me.  She assumed that she had won a major award, but really I was just in awe over the fantastic fabrication skills on the ’38 Beetle.  Bottom line is, when it comes to nice metal, I’m excitable. (more…)