DIY Headliner Repair: How to Fix a Sagging Car Roof Lining

If your headliner is sagging or has fallen off, you might be tempted to reattach it with glue or another fastener like staples, tacks, or push-pins. Unfortunately these will only provide a temporary solution and you’ll eventually have another loose and sagging headliner. Our mechanic Andy’s tips and instructions in this article and video describe how to do your own headliner repair correctly, which includes removing the headliner and the old fabric and foam, and installing new fabric.

Video: How to Fix a Sagging Headliner

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Wheel Stud Replacement: How to Replace Damaged, Stripped, Bent, or Loose Lug Nut Studs

If during a repair you happen to damage a wheel stud or notice one is damaged, there are a few ways you can fix it. Whether the wheel stud has damaged threads or if it’s loose and bent, this guide and video explains how to repair the studs’ threads and how to complete a wheel stud replacement yourself.

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Shaking or Pulling Steering Wheel? How to Check the Brake System and for a Seized Brake Caliper

If you feel shaking or pulling in the steering wheel that increases when accelerating, you may have a seized brake caliper or another problem with the brake system. This guide and video explains what methods to take, how to check the brake system when this happens, and how to check the brake caliper if it’s seized, stuck, or leaking.

Diagnose a Pulling or Shaking Steering Wheel: Check the Brakes, Wheels, and How to Check for a Seized Brake Caliper

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Why Is My Brake Light On?

If your car’s dash has the brake light on, there could be a few reasons why. When the brake light is on, it means there may be a problem with the brakes, like low brake fluid, broken brake system parts, leaking brake fluid, or a parking brake left on. If the brake light turns on, you do not want to drive the car in case the brakes stop working. The tips in this article and video can help you inspect the system yourself and possibly fix it without having to bring it to a professional.

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Why Are My Headlights Too Bright?

It’s important to have your headlamps aligned to see the road clearly. Headlights raised too high is an issue to oncoming traffic. Here are four reasons why your headlights are too bright and what you can do to fix them.

Video: What Could Cause Your Headlights To Be Too Bright

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3 Ways to Remove a Stuck or Broken Bleeder Screw

You may find a frozen or broken bleeder screw that is stuck or snaps off when trying to bleed the brakes. Dissimilar metals tend to corrode and fuse together, and a steel bleeder screw and an aluminum brake caliper is one reason rust is able to bind these together so easily. Fortunately there are a few methods you can try to remove it that we cover in this article and video.

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Brake Installation Tips: How to Change Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Brake Calipers, and More Correctly

When it’s time to change the brakes, you can save a lot of money by replacing them yourself. Of course, you want to install them correctly and there are methods and best practices to follow so the new brakes parts and other parts don’t end up damaged and call for a costlier repair. This video and guide reviews how to change brake pads, rotors, the brake caliper, and more brake parts, and what not to do so you don’t have a problem after install.

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