RPOTD: Volkswagen GTI Now Featuring More Panda.

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Today's Class: How To Be "Moar" Low.

Today’s RPOTD is in the form of a 2008 VW GTI.  As you can see, it is an exquisite collection of low, with a delicious side dish of more low.  To answer your question: Yes, this is actually driven like this.

Car owned by Ryan S.
Broke Status

Photo Taken By Ryan G. Check out more of his amazing photography at:

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

4 thoughts to “RPOTD: Volkswagen GTI Now Featuring More Panda.”

  1. Hey Ryan (G.) > Thank’s for the kind words, and I’m sorry that I forgot the credit! I was testing a new way of posting blogs this morning and it caused some serious multi-posting / stuff missing / weirdness. 1,000,000 apologies! FWIW, Ryan S. shows me your photography often because of its unmatched hottness. It really is quite incredible, and often makes me feel inadequate behind my lowly camera phone. 😉

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