Books: Unsafe At Any Speed?

Unsafe at any speed


All politics aside, has anybody actually read this “Unsafe At Any Speed” book by Ralph Nader?  I saw it recently and it had me intrigued as to what was inside.  Typically if a book has cars inside, I’d want to read it.  I think I recall hearing that it was about how dangerous Corvair’s and Pinto’s were or something?  Is it worth the read as long as I don’t drink the juice?  For those that have read it, whats the split of politics vs automotive stuff? Are we talking a 50/50 split?  80/20? 

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(Wait: Since when is it ok to sell library books on eBay?  Something ain’t right here.)

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5 thoughts to “Books: Unsafe At Any Speed?”

  1. The book described the 1960-63 Corvair rear suspension. It was like those of VW beetles: independent swing axles. There was no limit as to how far they would swing, and on a hard turn or sudden jerk (freeway lane change when you got cut off) a rear wheel would tuck under. If you didn’t swing back a little the car would flip.

    Most libraries give away stale books or sell them for a few cents to make room for new ones. Probably where this one came from.

    1. Hi Larry, thanks for the cliff notes! It actually sounds like it may be worth checking out. My teacher in college used to race Corvairs on frozen lakes, and he claimed that they were great handlers if set up properly……on ice.

    1. I had actually never heard of the Nader bolt, but after looking it up, it seems logical. I think I’m finally sold on the book. I’ll volunteer to read it and give a unbiased review.

      Thanks a bunch John!

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