Take a Guess: Why Would I Cut These Rotors Up?

Question # 1: Recently, a friend asked me to slice up some brake rotors because he wanted to use them in a different way.  Anybody care to take a guess at what his intention is? (Bonus if you can tell me what kind of car they fit.)

Question #2: There are people out there that buy old brake rotors for the scrap metal value. It’s usually about $1.50 per rotor.  Does anybody have any other interesting uses for old brake rotors?  I’d love to hear them or see pictures of them!

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19 thoughts to “Take a Guess: Why Would I Cut These Rotors Up?”

  1. you can cut rotors to make hubs for a trailer.
    also in the older autos you can use some as hubs on drum brakes
    that is you get the right ones.

  2. I’ve got a (very used) set of cross drilled and grooved Vette rotors for yard sprinkler stands…dey ain’t never gonna rust out!

  3. You can use them for “deadmen” when building a retaining wall. Set the rotor upright (parallel to the face of the wall, a few feet below the top and a few feet back from the wall) and use rod or heavy chain from the rotor through the wall to a plate on the exposed surface. Backfill and tamp.

    This keeps the wall from bulging or falling over from the pressure of earth and water behind it.

    Google Images for: deadman retaining wall

    1. Wow, great idea Larry, you learn something new every day! While it isn’t the answer I was looking for; I’m going to put that in my memory bank for the next time I’m building something like that.

  4. front discs from 1 or 1.5 ton truck or RV? could use the disc for sunburst art project by tacking on some old welding sticks around the outside. or use the hubs for pen and pencil holders, or for a flagpole base that you can bolt to the deck on the patio. what do ya thimk??

  5. Looks like a GM 73′-77′ Front rotor for a A or G body car. Or possibly a 73-87′ 1/2 ton Chevy/GMC truck. Just my Guess…I had a 88′ Pontiac Fiero do that to one its rear rotor’s all by itself! The car drove much better once it was replaced.

  6. Those rotors are off the front of a 84-87 Pontiac Fiero. He cut the disks off it because he’s only using the “hub/bearing” portion of the rotor as he is more than likely doing an brake swap such as one like the 11.25″ Lebaron rear disks / grand am disks / or 12″ corvette brake upgrade.

    What did I win ? 😀


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