There Are Many Ways to Fix A Bumper

Duct Tape Bumper

When I am out driving, it is as if strange & interesting cars stalk me.  I pull up to a light, and non-chalantly look to my left.  But what do I see?  Oh, nothing, just some of the finest bumper repair. Don’t get me wrong, I love duct tape as much as anybody, but rarely should it be used for bumper repair.  It just ends up littering the streets and sticking to my Adidas. Totally not fun.

For those of you trying to “quick-fix” a bumper without the help of duct tape, I highly recommend zip ties. Not only does it make your car look all Frankenstein-esque, but it won’t litter the streets when it gets wet, or leave goo all over your car when it eventually falls off.  Zip ties for the win!

zip tied bumper

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  1. I took the bumper off after our Camry got rear-ended by an F250. A bit of 2-part epoxy applied inside and and hour or so of work – it’s almost as good as new. AND looks a lot better than either of the two you pictured.

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