The 1988 Conquest Had A SWEET Fuse Box!

In 1988, Mitsubishi… err… I mean Chrysler, really had their game face on.  The Chrysler Conquest not only had cutting edge body lines, a ferocious 2.6L turbo engine, and seats that hug you like your favorite teddy bear, but these cars had a totally radical fuse box! Check it. Imagine you drop a dime in your cigarette lighter and POP goes your fuse.  Bummer. You do the electric slide all the way under your dash, and find the grossest display of awesome that the 1980’s could only provide.  Inside the fuse box, Chrysler has given you a slider and a LED that tells you if your fuses are blown or not.  As soon as you slide next to one that doesn’t light the bulb up, you pop in a new one, and you are ready to plug in your bag-phone again. Nicely done Chrysler!

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One thought to “The 1988 Conquest Had A SWEET Fuse Box!”

  1. I never have figured out why they wire these cars so it takes days pulling and searching through the spaghetti of wires to find one wire .same way with home wiring I detest any one that wires the box in and it looks like a string factory or like some one sprayed silly string all over the inside , it takes a little time but it is well worth it to see a nice wired what ever it is.

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