45 thoughts to “This Is What Owning A Car For 40 Years Is Like”

      1. too bad you’ll be lucky to get 7 years out of it….the “throwback” muscle cars of today are still built with the same planned obsolescence that everything else is built with nowadays

  1. simply amazing video its as if the car isnt a matearealistic item anymore it has personality and its loved as if it were a pet or a family member i can only hope that one day i can experience something similar

  2. Phish, I believe you are exactly right, except for one small thing. I think the car always had that personality for him, and he completely appreciates it. I also love that he still drives it. Those cars are not meant to sit still.

    1. Thats all part of the nostalgia. Its loud, unsafe, expensive to drive, and an ecological disaster, but it looks, sounds, and IS cool as hell. Its not a brand new beamer, but id take a 1970 charger RT over just about anything.

      1. I am guessing you have no issues with the 3000 mile oil change? Great Video amazing car and I would like to know more about the owner!

  3. That car is in GREAT shape! I’ve taken care of my car, but I noticed a rust hole below my passenger side door. I guess I don’t look at that side too much, since I’m always getting in on the driver’s side, but the car’s not that old…only 9 years, but I just can’t believe how good his Charger looks. It looks brand new!

  4. I worked at Chrysler for thirty years . almost bought one of the first super bee’s but they did not want to give me enough for my 65 mustang so I kept it . it is gone now but I loved that car just like this guy loves his . I am glad I kept the car because a friend at work bought the car I was going to buy and it rusted through in two years top of the fenders whoa! I called my Mustang ” the Camaro eater”

  5. Seriously where is that valley?? Gorgeous! If anyone has any idea let me know. Looks like northern California a little bit.

  6. It makes me so happy to see people who takes well care of their cars, I just never would be able to keep a car for more than a couple years

  7. Can I point out he’s got an automatic transmission with a muscle car. Also, he’s got fake hood scoops on the hood that’re on there backwards…

    1. Can I point out that those are stock RT options? and a good mopar tranny mated to a 440 will out perform the majority of stick shift cars of the early 70s?

    2. those scoops aren’t on backwards, thats the way they came from the factory. stock RT Chargers in original shape start at $50K and go up from there depending on how well the car is maintained, what kind of documentation is included, etc. That car is mint, at auction the bidding would start at probably $55K and depending on who was there could fetch 70K+.

  8. Great video. Some more info would have been nice though, such as how many miles it has on it and what he plans on doing it when he passes

  9. Nice Wonderful video ! That car is in my top 10 dream cars! just a a beautiful example.
    Thank you for sharing information from video…

  10. The more time and money you invest in your car (or for that matter anything), the more you fall in love with it. Same goes with this man owning his Dodge. Same goes with me owning my car. If something is a keeper, you keep it and invest in it.

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