The Greatest Hood Ever: Rambler SCRambler

Is it the 14.3 second quarter mile times that make this car so outrageously awesome?  Could it be the 390 V8?  Maybe it’s the 4-speed transmission and the limited slip differential?  Glass packs?  Nope,  all wrong-o!  Every one of those guesses are 100 percent, dead wrong.  It’s the hood.  Yes, the whole hood and nothing but the hood is what makes this car so outrageously awesome.  Back in the late 1960’s, when other manufacturers were doing simple scoops and decals, AMC came out and changed the game.  The designers at AMC were probably all like “Let’s put a giant bird catcher on this thing! Yeah! Then, let’s make sure people know why we did it!  I’m talking decals, engine sizes, arrows and hood pins! We need to lock down the hood game, and bring it to the masses!”  And so they did… AMC clamped it, double stamped it, locked it, and then nailed it down so well, that it made everybody else on the drag strip look ridiculous. Nicely done SC/Rambler, nicely done. You’re a true champion and everybody knows it.

Jeremy Nutt

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4 thoughts to “The Greatest Hood Ever: Rambler SCRambler”

    1. I agree 100%. I absolutely loved the worn look of the hood. The car had more character than it knew what to do with. I hope the owner doesn’t change a thing about it. It is perfect as is in my opinion.

  1. And it really answers the questions, what goes in that scoop, and in what direction? Couldn’t be any clearer. I love it!

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