Friday = 2JZ in a 1993 Mustang

Monday = We had an awd turbo dune buggy
Tuesday = It was old-school vs. new-school with the 1929 Whippet SRT-4
Wednesday = There was no choice but to go with the hand built Toyota 2000GT
Thursday = An incredible  ’69 Porsche GT3 build.
Friday = 1993 Mustang notchback with a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine.

I know that today’s build will be hated by some and loved by others, but regardless of personal opinions, it makes an impact.  Today’s project is a fox body Mustang notchback with a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine swap built by a guy named Dan (2JZstang) on  It makes 650 horsepower at the wheels on E85 fuel and runs a 9.74 quarter mile at 144 mph.  Sick fast. It took him a few years to build it on a budget, and it was almost sold off at one point, but in the end his dream prevailed.  In it’s current state, is brutally awesome, sicknasty fast, and well deserving of high 5’s from every enthusiast in his area code.

Here are a few modifications worth noting:
– 6 Point Cage
– 2JZ engine with stock internals
– Billet Precision Turbo
– 4″ exhaust
– coilovers
– Built 8.8 rear

Videos FTW.

The full build can be found here:

Thursday = 1969 Porsche 911 with GT3 Engine

It’s Thursday folks, and since I declared this week as “Project Car Week”, you should know by now what needs to happen.  I need to bring you yet ANOTHER awesome project car.  Woo!  Now, with so many great projects out there to choose from, I am actually having a tough time deciding which ones to share with you.  Do I share my own projects?  What about a friend’s?  I could go with the Karmann Ghia, the turbo truck, the Rabbit, the Nova, the Impala convertible, the ’60 Ventura, the monster-trike, the RX8, the Fiero, the other Fiero, the Trans Am, the Toyota truck…..  I could go on and on……  OR …… I could just pick a car off the internet that I like.


Internet it is! Today’s car is a 1969 Porsche 911. It was built and documented by a guy that goes by the name of “petevb” on  He started with a run of the mill Porsche and ever so gently turned it into a dream car of mine.  The car was intended to be raced, so the first step was to add a roll cage to stiffen the chassis and protect the driver from danger.  The average guy would have thrown a bunch of pipe inside and created a jungle gym, not Petevb though.  He actually designed the cage, and stress tested it with the wonderous world of modern technology.  Once he was happy with the test results, the cage was built and he began to make everybody else look like noobs.  Tons of chassis bracing, stretching, shortening, cleaning, and repairing happened, and it was engine time.

The engine is water cooled, and was intended for a high performance GT3, but we all know by this point in the story that it landed inside this amazing 911.  It’s backed up (Can I even say that with a Porsche?) with a modified 993 transmission.  It makes 380 horsepower which sounds like a pretty fair number, but then I throw this little fact at you causing your jaw to drop.  This car only weighs 2150 lbs.  WUT! Ah yes, I remember now…..  Petevb also used carbon fiber body panels for weight savings (ok, everybody calm down). Be sure to check the pictures for maximum shock factor, because the car is brilliant from every angle.  The quality of work throughout the whole car is top notch, and the car as a whole is amazing because of it.  With that, I present to you pictures and video for your enjoyment.

Turn Your Volume Up.

Entire build can be found here:

My Favorite Twin Turbo 4.6L Mustang

Over the years there have been around a million cars on my “must have” list.  However, Mustangs have never made the cut…..until I saw this one.  You see, I drive to work the same way each day through a couple of small towns, and about 50% of the time, I would see this car sitting in a yard, body shop, parking lot, or driving past me.  It has been a highlight of my commute for a few years now, and I have seen it slowly but surely become more and more beautiful with each passing weekend.  The paint is about a hot as it gets, the wheels and suspension give it a perfect stance, and the engine is quite a sight.  It’s a 600+ horsepower twin turbo built 4.6L, so it’s good for smoke shows, burnouts, donuts, and more smoke shows.  It looks dangerous when sitting still, and furious when in motion.  Let’s sit back and appreciate for a few. Shall we?

Possibly The Scariest Van Ever?

I roam the interweb  far and wide searching for automotive beauty, and occasionally I strike pure gold.  Is this van the scariest thing that you have ever seen?  Probably.  Does it look like it has a questionable past? Yes.  Does it do wheelies? Please…  Do I want one just like it?  Maybe.  This Chevy Van doesn’t even look safe enough to lean on, never mind the horror show that must happen when you rip on the throttle.   One thing that seems to be missing is the inspection sticker on the windshield?  He must have forgotten to get one. 😉

…. And a wheelie video.

Fantastic pictures borrowed from:

Video: The Birth of the Ford Focus RS 500


This car needs to be talked about more, because it is something very special.  It is the 2011 Ford Focus Rs 500.  It comes with 345 horsepower and 339 ft lbs of torque that will likely fry the tires off on command.  The engine is a 5 cylinder turbocharged 2.5L.  Thats 2.25 horsepower per cubic inch folks, otherwise known as absolutely un….real from a factory engine.  For reference, the new Corvette ZR1 makes 638 horsepower from 378 cubic inches, which is just shy of 1.7 horsepower per cubic inch.  So yes, this Focus is special.  It is a limited production car, with only 500 being produced. Unfortunately for the American enthusiasts, we won’t be receiving any of these.  None, zip, zilch, zero, nadda.  They are all being sold in European markets, and many of them are already spoken for.  So you will never get to wash those 19 inch wheels, or feel the smooth vinyl coating.  All you are able to do is watch Focus RS Youtube videos in your pajamas and dream of the ungodly fwd burnouts that you would be doing in your neighbors driveway if you owned one of these. Dream on.

Laser Beams Are Too Slow, We Need More Berzerker.

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you may have noticed that the GM LS series engines make me as happy as a new pair of socks (VERY happy!).   So naturally when I saw some pictures and video of this Boss Hoss “Berzerker” motorcycle, I knew that I had to bring it to the forefront of the 1A Auto blog.

In my strange world, I imagine the birth of this bike began like this:

Guy 1: “Hey man, I wanna go fast, like super-space-ship fast. I think I want to ride an actual laser beam, or maybe like a missile or something. ”

Guy 2: “Maaaan, you know you can’t put a seat on a laser beam, and handlebars would look ridiculous on a missile! You’re talkin’ crazy bro!”

Guy 1: “Ok, what if we take an LS2 engine, bore it to 430 cubic inches, strap it to a 2 speed transmission, crank out 700+ horsepower, and put a seat on it?”

Guy 2: “Wheels?”

Guy 1: “Oh yeah, we’ll use those too, but no more than 2!  If I am traveling super-space-ship fast, I don’t want rotational weight crowding my peoples.”

Guy 2: “That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!  What we need is more “Berrrrzerker“.”

Now the conversation probably didn’t go like that, I really have no idea. One thing we do know is that the bike exists now, and it apparently makes ludicrous power. Judging by the violent symphony blaring out of my over-treble’d computer speakers and the NHRA decals all over it, I would bet the 706 hp numbers are legit.  Does it go super-space-ship fast? Probably…

I will be the first on here to say “I would like a second helping of Berzerker Please….”

Images and info found on:

LS1 Tech

Mustang 1000 Lap Challenge Claiming 48 mpg!


Ok, there is a lot of amazing news going on in the automotive world today, and the 1A Auto blog is on it like a bonnet.  Assuming this video is real, and not riddled with lies, this 2011 V6 mustang is capable of an unbelievable 48 MPG.  It is supposed to get  about 30-31 mpg, but during this 1000 lap challenge, they are claiming 48 miles per gallon.  Is it a miracle?  Is it a lie?  Is the 2011 Mustang really that impressive?  Who knows.

Call me strange, but I would absolutely love to read the O2 sensor readouts on a wideband to see what the AFR is.  It’s got to be running crazy lean (magical?) air fuel ratios if this story is true.

Check out for more info.